Solicitation Title Description Deadline
Private Markets Fee Monitoring Services The objective of this RFP is to identify qualified firms with the expertise, experience, and res... 11/21/2019 3:00 PM
Misc. Insulator Parts Purchase of 8 EA of insulator,runner, type KF si-4 and 3 EA of support, insulator,section, type. 11/21/2019 3:00 PM
Employee Health Benefits Employee health benefits. 11/21/2019 2:00 PM
Purchase of Nineteen (19) New 2020 Vehicles Purchase and delivery of nineteen (19) new 2020 vehicles. 11/21/2019 3:00 PM
Campus Improvements High School Campus Improvements include demolition, concrete foundation, polished and sealed con... 11/21/2019 2:00 PM
Restaurant, Catering Services & Grocery Supply Provide restaurant, catering services & grocery supply. 11/21/2019 3:00 PM
Drip Irrigation Control System Drip Irrigation Control System. 11/21/2019 3:00 PM
Request for Qualification - Real Estate Broker Services Qualified, licensed, commercial real estate broker entities for providing real estate consulting... 11/21/2019 3:00 PM
Prosize TP With Penflex Provide 42000.0000 LB prosize TP with penflex. 11/21/2019 3:00 PM
RFP - Custodial Supplies and Equipment Provide custodial supplies and equipment - category 1: aerosols, chemicals and cleaners; categor... 11/21/2019 3:00 PM
New Construction / Remodel of a New Maintenance Building The work includes construction of a new maintenance building and the remodeling of the existing ... 11/21/2019 3:00 PM
ITB - Temporary Personnel Services Provide temporary personnel services. 11/21/2019 3:00 PM
Custodial Supplies and Equipment Provide custodial supplies and equipment. 11/21/2019 3:00 PM
Fire Sprinkler Inspection Services Provide annual fire sprinkler system inspections. 11/21/2019 3:00 PM
Sanitary Sewer and Water Lines Work includes construction of storm sewer, sanitary sewer and water lines. 11/21/2019 2:30 PM
Construction of Airport Improvements Work includes airfield and apron rehabilitation. 11/21/2019 2:30 PM
Operation and Management of Food Services To provide operation and management of food services. 11/21/2019 2:30 PM
Construction Manager at Risk Construction Manager at Risk for Public Library. 11/21/2019 2:00 PM
Security & Safety and/or Services Seeking an annual contract for security and safety supplies and/or services. 11/21/2019 2:00 PM
Law Enforcement (L.E.) Modular Office Building Utilities Utilities include new electrical service, connection to existing domestic water service, connect... 11/21/2019 2:00 PM